My next home

I started this blog before the pandemic. So it’s a little up in the air for a lot us. Depending when the flatline occurs, some of us are just trying to see if we can stay afloat. Renters are having a hard time because they have been laid off or their hours have been cut down and their landlord depends on the income provides. Home owners are also hurting because of the oil prices and the stock market. Hang on to your hope people because this is going to make us stronger. Now back to the subject.

What are looking for in your next home? Is it ownership because you are renting. Is it more room because your family has grown. Is it less room because your children have grown up and have moved out to start their own families? Is it because your upkeep has become overwhelming, or you just want to move closer to an occupation or other loved ones?

There are many reasons to purchase home. Low interest rates right now would be a good reason, especially if one of the criteria’s in the above paragraph describes you. Whatever the reason, picking out your new home can be a little stressful and challenging. Especially with all the different inventory in housing that Oklahoma City and Edmond areas have to offer.

Here are some tips that might help you feel more comfortable as you make the transition from staying somewhere you don’t feel like you need to be and getting in your dream home.

  1. Make a list of the pros and cons of your current home.
  2. Make a list of the pros of your dream home.
  3. Find an area you really like.
  4. If you need to sell your current home before buying a new home, there is another list for that. You will realize what you need to do to the home your are selling when you start seeing things that don’t appeal to you in homes you are looking at.
  5. Find a realtor and lender you are comfortable with and that will listen to you. Choose someone who is easy to communicate with and have had several years of experience.
  6. Don’t put a lot of faith and trust in websites as far a home values and lending go. Your personal professionals will provide the most accurate information available as needed.

We hope you are doing well in this time..

Rick and Nancy Jackson